Epfo Passbook: Check Your PF Amount Online

want to Download or check how much amount is Deposited in your PF Account Then Check our detailed information About Epfo Passbook.

Epf Passbook is the Most important part for any employees because of it shows the total pf amount & withdrawal Amount Also.

You Can Check Below Image Here Total Three main Element To understand

  1. Employee Share

    This is an Amount Which is Deducted From your Salary Every Month by Employer

  2. Employer Share

    In This Column Amount deposited as per your PF Deduction Total Deducted Amount is Divided In Two Part one is Employer Share Another One is Pension Contribution.

  3. Pension Contribution

    as Per Above Discussion, This is a Pension Amount When You try ToWithfraw PF Advance For Any Reasons Than You Will Without Pension Contribution.

Epfo Passbook

epfo passbook

How to Download Epfo Passbook

Here is the Step by Step Guide To Download EPFo Passbook online With All Methods

there is lots of methods to get information regarding your pf balance such as epfo online portal, Umang App, by Toll-free Numbers

here we have tried to cover all three methods as below.

Download PF Passbook Using UAN login portal

here is the step by step information to download PF passbook using epfo online portalActivate your UAN Number

1. Activate UAN Number

First, you have to Activate your UAN Number using this UAN Number and Some other Personal Details, If You Don’t Know About UAN Number Than Check This Information.

2. Once UAN is Activated, You will Receive SMS With UAN Number & Password, You can Change This Password if you want t change?

Note: You Can’t Download Passbook Before 6 Hours of New UAN Activation. Try After 6 To 7 Hours.

3. Try To Login After Six Hours on This Website

4. Now Click on ‘View Passbook‘ To Get Details About Passbook & ‘Download Passbook‘ To Download Passbook as PDF File.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

there are three columns employee, employer contribution, and pension contribution. What is that pension contribution & can we get that amount along with withdrawal of the Pf amount?

Yes, you will be able to get such amount along with the PF withdrawal only if you have not completed 10 years with your company.

I Don’t understand an EPFO passbook? What is the meaning of three columns in there? How do I calculate the right amount I have?

Yes, There is Three Column in PF Passbook Check This Calculation For better Understanding.

Employee share: Salary(Basic+DA) x 12%

Employer share: 3.67% of Salary (Basic+DA)

Pension Contribution: 3.67% of Salary (Basic+DA)

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